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Siége sociale: VACANCE SRI LANKA  70/A Moor Street ,Tangalle ,Sri lanka.  Telephone:-0094(0)772482233.

              contact@srilanka-vacance.com                 Numeros Immatriculation: H/5/2763


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   Prix et Services  

Cheap inputs, Vehicles, Roads ect .. All our tours are composed of history, culture, nature, beach and rest so that you can fully enjoy your vacation. The itinerary of the trip is made in relation to different sites to discover, using practicable and scenic roads. During your journey, the guide and the driver will stop the vehicle in interesting places, so you can relax while taking souvenir photos. Sri Lankan roads are properly carried out, especially since the last decade. It must still take about 1 hour to drive a distance of 40 km. There is only one highway that connects Sri Lanka Colombo airport to 'matara' south of the country. In some places you will change cars, so for example in a national park you will board a jeep, a bike for some archaeological sites, a tuk tuk to the nearby places, boat for discovery whales, the train between Nuwara eliya and Ella and finally feet for walking.



                                                                                  exchange rate of 1 € = 140 Rupees Sri Lankans (Variable )

Click these buttons to get input prices of major attractions in Sri Lanka                          (If you have not chosen a program that we offer )

When to go?


Sri Lanka is a tropical island and, in this sense, temperatures range between 25 and 35 ° C during the year. However, if you plan to spend a few days at altitude like in Nuwara Eliya or for climbing Adam's Peak, know that there is much colder than plain! Do not forget to bring one or more warm clothes. Know that Sri Lanka has alternating monsoons, they are rife southwest between May and August and northeast between October and January. Nevertheless, it is from Sri Lanka at any time of the year, it will simply expect more or less rain and more or less sun on the beaches. There will however always be a part of the island where the weather is set fair. If you can, go to Sri Lanka between December and March to enjoy this island. If you want to spend a few days resting on the southern beaches, this is the best time: good visibility for diving and beaches are particularly sunny. The highlands of the interior of the island are discovered rather although precipitation is not excluded. If you want to visit the east coast in particular, the months from May to September are ideal.


Live Weather Forcast of Sri Lanka

                     Best time to travel to Sri Lanka        January / February / March * July / August / September * December


 Our Vehicles 

2 air-conditioned car seats ( Essencecompris ) Guide and Chauffeur ( Accommodation included)          60 euros Per day


Van 2-4 seats conditioning (Gasoline included) Guide and Chauffeur ( Accommodation included) 70 euros Per day

Bus 6-16 conditioned places ( including gasoline ) Guide and Chauffeur ( including accommodation )                     € 175 Per day

Tuk Tuk to the proximity of visits

Bike for Archaeological Sites € 8

Nuwara Eliya train between € 10 and Ella

Jeep in national parks € 75

Boat to the discovery of whales € 37

           The hiking on foot